Robert J. – Red Oak, TX

Robert J. Jr. States:  This over all experience was great.  I found this train to be well worth it.  I am leaving feeling very confident in what I have learned here today.

Instructor States:  It was a pleasure educating you.  Now go get!

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Qua’Detruis & Timothy J. – Atlanta, GA


Qua’Detrius States:  How to summarize this experience in one word that you could gain in this course?  If I had to use one word, it would be “Opportunity”!  I truly feel like I have been taught how to fish other than just handed a prepared meal.  These skills are vital to truly understand the process of being a freight broker and operate my business with a critical mind.

Timothy States:  The training was very informative.  I really like the fact that you made it fun and exciting and broke it down in the smallest terms.  Thank you so much for all of your help and I will be contacting you to let you know when I get my first account.  Thank You.

Instructor Maria States:  You both are so welcome.  I really enjoy teaching both of you, it was fun!  Teaching those who are so awake and learn so fast!  Stay your happy selves!

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Alicia & Kerron B. – Center ville, GA


Alicia States:  This class was very informative and love her personality (instructor).

Kerron States:  I love this class.  Soon as I get home I am going to process and get straight to work.  I feel that this will last me a lifetime.

Instructor Maria States:  I so loved sharing the information with with… real joy!

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Frank J. – Valdosta, GA


Frank States:  Maria was AMAZING.  I learned more in two days, than I have learned in all my schooling.

Instructor Maria States:  I’m so happy that you are happy!

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Lewis B. – Mableton, GA

Lewis States:  I had a great time in class with Maria.  She was very informative and patient with answering my many questions.  She laid out a road to success that I will follow and recommend her class to any one.

Instructor Maria:  Thank you so much… it’s always a pleasure to teach someone who’s really open to learning.

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Erica E. – Wendell, NC

Erica States:  Learned so much.  Maria is the BEST with lots of knowledge.  I really enjoyed the class and I would take it again if needed to!

Instructor Maria States:  LOL…. I’m sure you wont need to do that.  You did really good.  You go girl!

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Victor & Evelena S. – Woodstock, GA

Victor States:  Loved the interaction with Maria.  So many ways we were shown to make money.  definitely will recommend her to someone else looking to be a broker.

Evelena States:  I enjoyed this course.  Maria is very informative and has a great personality.  I feel more confident about a career in freight brokering.  Thanks Maria.

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