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Denise H. & Darrien S. – Atlanta, GA


Darrien States: Very informative.  Great instructor.

Denise States:  Very informative !! 🙂  Great instructor and very knowledgeable.

Instructor:  We’ll you two are go getters and I know you will do great!

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Yasmeen J. – Sandy Springs, GA & Andre D. – Jonesboro, GA


Yasmeen States:  This training was beyond my expectations.  Not only do I feel excited to start my business as a broker, but I also feel confident in myself based on the words of encouragement that Instructor Maria offers.  Maria REALLY AWAKES you: such a blessing :).

Andre States:  Maria is Extremely Knowledgeable!!  Great spirit and a lot of fun.  She is not afraid to the share information in different ways of making money, and how to start you’re own business.  I highly recommend her class!

Instructor Maria States:  It was my pleasure you two.  I love to share information.  Sharing are blessings that come back!

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Sept. Weekend Workshop



Lakeisha H. – Stockbridge, GA:  I am 100% satisfied with this training workshop.  Coming into this class with no knowledge, I am confident that I can now start a lucrative business as a broker.  I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in starting their own business.  I am looking forward to jumping right in to this industry!!!

Kaleeaha H. – Jonesboro, GA:  I must truly say I love your teaching style!!! This was an abundance of information that could easily be overwhelming but I never felt that way at all.  You gave great knowledge accompanied by real world situations.  Also everything explained came with handouts to reference.  Thanks for everything!!!  Way more worth than what I paid!!!!!!

Lawrence B. – Decatur, GA:  Class was great and learned a lot in the 2 days.

Kesa C. – Conyers, GA:  The class was very informational.  The instructor Maria was really funny and knowledgeable about the information she knows.  i would highly recommend her to people because she takes her time and explains it well.

Ramonda W. – Smyrna, GA:  Thanks for this very informative class!  It has given me the necessary tools to jump start my business.  I will definitely be referring other truckers and potential brokers your way.

Instructor Maria:  You guys were GREAT!  Enjoyed meeting each and every one of you.  Stay in contact and let me know how you’re doing!  Keep Swimming!  LOL

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August 12th & 13th 2017 Graduating Class


Rebecca States:  It was very informative.  I appreciate the “tips and tricks” that Maria showed us that no one else would ever give.  I definitely learned a lot and think that I can turn this into a sucessful business.  I came into this a little skeptical, but I am now confident.  Thank you!  Well worth the money.

Maryum States:  I loved the class it was very organized information and a lot of hands on.  I feel like I have all the tools to be sucessful.

Cynthia States:  The workshop was very informative.  A lot of information at one time.  Instructor was easy yo follow and went at a pace that allowed you to absorb the information and ask questions.  Enjoyed this class and feel I have been given a solid foundation to start my own brokerage.

Jennifer States:  Very informative.  Enjoyed the energy and friendly learning experience. Easy to understand, lots of information.

Thomasina States:  Great info. & presentation.  I do feel some personal conversations of other individuals went on to long.  Thank you for passing on good information and hopefully if I have any questions I can give you a call.

Bevellies States:  The training was very informative and touches on a variety of topics.  The training gave me an open appetite for more information within the transportation industry.


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Chasity & Haamid A. – Spanish Fort, AL


Chasity States: My instructor for this course was very knowledgable.  I felt as though I have been overloaded with a bunch of useful information.  The binder that was provided gives me plenty of step-by-step instructions an I am glad I found this course for this reasonable price online.

Hammid States:  It was great.  Lots of great information.

Add other two when receive them.

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Michael – Marquis – Shanae – (GA) / Sammy – Courtney – (SC)


Michael B. States:  Training was great.  Not bored at all.  Thanks!

Marquis States:  The class was very helpful and influencing to me.  I learned a lot and I would advise anyone to come to this class.

Shanae States:  The training was great.  Maria was a good instructor.  She is fun to work with and she also made things easy to learn.

Sammy States:  Awesome class.  Very easy to follow.

Cortney States:  Maria is AWESOME !!! 🙂

Instructor Maria States:  Enjoyed meeting you all.  Awesome training with all of you!

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